10 Tips for Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Keeping your hearing aids clean can help extend the life of your hearing aids and keep them in optimal working condition too. While you can rely on your hearing care professional to do the regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning, you should perform daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks. Always rely on the instructions and cleaning tools that came with your hearing aids or whatever has been recommended by your hearing care professional. Learn more about protecting your investment with our 10 tips for cleaning your hearing aids.

  1. Make sure your hands are clean before handling your hearing aids.
  2. Work over a soft surface so there won’t be any damage in the event you drop them by accident.
  3. Never use water or any type of cleaning fluids to clean your hearing aids. Always use a soft, dry cloth.
  4. Check all of the pieces, tubing, and wires for solid connections and remove any wax, dirt, or lint.
  5. Ask us for the right cleaning tool or kit that matches your type of hearing aid.
  6. Change any filters or wax guards that you have as directed.
  7. Don’t wear your hearing aids while showering, bathing, swimming, or using hair products, hair spray, or the hair dryer.
  8. Store your hearing aids in a safe, dry place whenever not wearing them. A dryer or dehumidifier can help keep them clean and dry.
  9. When you clean your hearing aids, take the batteries out and clean them too.
  10. Schedule regular maintenance check ups with us to ensure your hearing aids are working at their best.

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