Freedom from Hearing Loss

Your first visit begins with a consultation. Through questions and conversation, you help us understand the nature of your hearing concerns, your health history, and your listening lifestyle. After that, we will look in both of your ears to ensure your ear canals are healthy, free from obstructions like wax, and ready to be tested. The next step is to perform the hearing evaluation. This diagnostic process determines how well you are able to hear at multiple frequencies (pitches), identifying the nature of your hearing concerns. Finally, the results of your hearing test will be completely explained to you, as well as our recommendations for amplification or medical referrals.

We strongly encourage you to bring a companion with you to this appointment as much information is shared. All findings from your evaluation will also be shared with your family care doctor.

Save up to $500*

On a pair of Premium or Advanced Hearing Aids
Offer expires 7/31/18.

Hearing loss is unique to each individual, so the hearing aids is fully customizable and virtually invisible. Our hearing aids feature the latest technology:

  • High-speed wireless technology connects your two Opns so that they work together to process incoming sounds exceptionally fast
  • Distinguishes between speech and background noise – follow conversations without being distracted
  • The pair of Opns work together to help identify where different sounds are coming from
  • Allows signals from devices such as cell phones, televisions and mp3 players to be streamed into your instruments so that audio is received directly in your ear

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