Oticon ConnectClip

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ConnectClip is many things in one. It turns Opn hearing aids into a high quality, wireless headset for hands-free calls and listening to music or podcasts in stereo. It works with any modern smartphone, music player or computer. It is a wireless, remote microphone. And it is a remote control for Opn hearing aids.

Industry-leading features

  • ConnectClip makes Opn into a leading Bluetooth headset-enabled hearing aid with these leading features (in addition to the revolutionary open sound experience):
  • Streaming to both ears in stereo – not just one ear as with classic Bluetooth
  • Leading 7.5 kHz audio streaming frequency range gives high-quality sound that’s easier to understand
  • Lower power consumption of Bluetooth Low Energy allows small battery size for very discreet Bluetooth hearing aids
  • Opn hearing aids can be equipped with a rechargeable battery
  • True hands-free solution with a microphone optimized for the purpose, using OpenSound Navigator™ for quality sound reception
  • No compromise on hearing aid audiology – ConnectClip has its own advanced Velox™ chip

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