Protecting Your Hearing Aids at Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are a fun place to visit any time of the year, but summer time is when they are especially popular. Whether you are planning a trip to nearby Cedar Point Amusement Park (the roller coaster capital of the world) or any other theme park, you should definitely take some precautions if you wear hearing aids. Even if you aren’t the daredevil – roller coaster riding type, there are other potential hazards that could ruin your fun time if you aren’t careful and don’t prepare ahead of time. We have some tips for protecting your hearing aids if you are visiting an amusement park, theme park, or even the rides at the fair.

  1. Prepare Ahead of Time: Investigate the types of rides that you might choose to go on and if they are thrill rides or splash rides, then you will want to bring your hearing aid case or protective pouch to store them in while on the rides.
  2. Don’t Leave Your Hearing Aids Out All Day: If you bring your case and plan ahead which rides you want to go on, then you won’t need to leave your hearing aids out for the entire day.
  3. Don’t Leave Your Hearing Aids in the Car: If you choose not to bring your hearing aids with you into the amusement park, make sure you do not leave them in the hot car all day.
  4. Review the Water Level Rating of Your Hearing Aids: Are your hearing aids waterproof or water-resistant? Will they remain safe if they get splashed or wet? If not, then store them in their case if you choose to go on those rides or consider purchasing a splash guard for them.
  5. Consider the Wind Factor: Fast rides or even rides that may be calm but go high (like a ferris wheel) might cause wind interference, so either adjust your settings for that type of feedback (if you have that available on your hearing aid model) or consider taking them out and storing them safely during the ride.

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