Tips for Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids in the Summer Heat

The summer heat and your hearing aids don’t make a good combination. We have some tips for taking care of your hearing aids the summer heat. Follow these steps to ensure that your hearing aids won’t get damaged in the summer heat.

  1. Plan Ahead. If you are traveling this summer, be sure to plan ahead for the care and cleaning of your hearing aids. When you travel, bring your accessories, case, cleaning supplies, and extra batteries for your hearing aid. Even if you are going out for the day, if you will be swimming or it will be raining, plan for what you will do with your hearing aids to protect them from both water and the heat.
  2. Wipe Your Hearing Aids after You’ve Been Sweating. If you are outside and it’s a hot day, take your hearing aids out and wipe them dry with a soft, dry cloth.
  3. Keep Your Case Handy. Bring your case with you, especially if rain is in the forecast so that you can protect your hearing aids from water. Just remember not to leave them in the case exposed to the heat.
  4. Bring Extra Batteries with You if You Travel. If you are traveling for vacation or even just a day trip, bring extra batteries with you. If your hearing aid batteries die during the day and you have to take out your hearing aids, that is when they can get damaged from being left out in the heat of summer.
  5. Review the Instructions that Came with Your Hearing Aids. It is always a good idea to review the instructions that came with your hearing aids to ensure that you are storing and cleaning them properly. This will help you keep them safe.
  6. Use a Dryer or Dehumidifier a Night. When you take your hearing aids out each night, a dryer or dehumidifier is a great option to dry out any moisture that might have gotten inside your hearing aids from sweat, earwax, rain, or splashing.
  7. No Chemicals. Even if you have water-resistant or waterproof hearing aids, they cannot withstand chemicals of any kind, this includes sunscreen.
  8. Never Leave Your Hearing Aids in the Car. The temperatures inside your car reach sweltering levels. If you leave your hearing aids in the car for safe-keeping, you are doing just the opposite. Take them with you and keep them safe in the case if you might get wet.

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