Useful Tips for Playing Sports with Hearing Aids

As a hearing aid user, you may wonder what activities you can and can’t do with your hearing aids. You may be surprised to hear, more often than not, hearing aids should not hinder you or get in the way of you doing most activities. Despite this, a common question asked by many hearing aid wearers is if they can still play sports while wearing hearing aids. In this blog, we answer this question as well as provide some useful tips for playing sports with hearing aids.

Can You Wear Hearing Aids While Playing Sports?

“Yes, you can.” Today’s hearing aids are made to take on the challenge of people’s active lifestyles, so wearing your hearing aid shouldn’t stop you from playing sports. However, you may need to take certain precautions depending on the type of sport you’re involved in.

Tips for Playing Sports with Hearing Aids

  1. Tell your hearing care professional what sport(s) you play.
  2. Invest in protective gear for your hearing aid.
  3. Let your friends, teammates, and coaches know that you are wearing your hearing aid(s).
  4. If you swim or play a sport where there is often excessive sweating, ask you hearing care professional about water resistant hearing aids.
  5. Use a hearing aid dryer or dehumidifier at night to help dry the excess moisture.
  6. Consider wearing a headband or sweatband to keep sweat and other moisture away from your device; this also might help keep your device in place.
  7. If you play a contact sport, you may need to use a hearing aid clip which attaches to the hearing aid and then securely to your clothing.
  8. If you wear BTE hearing aids, it may be wise to have extra tubing for “easy fixes.”
  9. Make sure to ask your hearing care professional about other hearing aid accessories that are available to help you with your lifestyle needs.

At the end of the day, it is best to discuss the matter with your hearing healthcare provider so that you are aware of the available solutions for your lifestyle needs and wants.

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