Valentine’s Day: Tips for Dating with Hearing Loss

Dating with hearing loss doesn’t have to be any different than just plain dating. We have some tips and ideas you can use to help make your Valentine’s Day (and every day) dates go much smoother and avoid you stressing over hearing loss. When you decide to tell your date that you have hearing loss is completely up to you. In some cases, it might come up in the conversation. Maybe you like to wait for a few dates before confiding that type of personal information, or maybe you always tell them up front so there are no surprises, confusion, or questions later in the relationship. Either way, the one thing that can definitely help your dating relationship is the communication factor if they understand what you need from them to help you hear them and communicate better. Here are our tips for making dating with hearing loss easy as pie (or chocolate for Valentine’s Day).

  1. Pick the Right Place. Picking the right place is half the battle. Especially on Valentine’s Day, you have to consider how crowded and loud certain restaurants or places might be. Choose a quiet place and remember that Valentine’s Day, or any day, staying home for a quiet night alone can be a perfect date.
  2. Arrive Early. If you do find a perfect place for your date, it might be more crowded than usual on Valentine’s Day. Arriving early will allow you to scout out the best place to sit away from a loud table, a noisy kitchen, speakers, and away from the band.
  3. Be Confident. You should be confident because hearing loss isn’t something to hide or be ashamed of. Wearing hearing aids shouldn’t make you feel any different than if you needed eyeglasses or contacts. So relax, and don’t worry. If someone you are dating can’t handle hearing loss, then they aren’t the right person for you anyway.
  4. Make Suggestions. If you have already shared your hearing loss with your date, then don’t be afraid to make suggestions of things they can do to help you hear better or communicate better. Suggestions can include things like eye contact, facing you if you need to read their lips, speaking louder, or explain locations that are better for you to hear.
  5. Don’t Pretend You Heard Something You Didn’t. Whether you have revealed that you have hearing loss to your date or not, never assume you heard something if you weren’t clear bout it. Little things like that can can cause communication faults that can lead to problems with a relationship.

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