Top 5 Common Mistakes Made By New Hearing Aid Users

If you have experienced hearing loss and are in need of a hearing aid to assist with your hearing challenges, using the hearing aid properly is essential. Common mistakes can be avoided to make sure your hearing health is the best it can be.

Whether you’re a new hearing aid user or not, using your device properly is important in order to get the most out of your hearing aid. This cannot be understated. In fact, a study from the CDC showed that:

  • 13% of adults aged 18 and over had some difficulty hearing even when using a hearing aid, and
  • 1.6% either had a lot of difficulty hearing or could not hear at all, even when using a hearing aid.

Avoid These Mistakes for your Best Hearing Aid Experience

  • Not cleaning the hearing aid. 

Cleaning your hearing aid properly is imperative to ensuring that your hearing aid works properly in the short and long term.

  • Not getting the hearing aid fitted.

Every ear lobe is unique. Getting assistance from a professional to fit the hearing aid properly will make sure that:

    • Your hearing is assisted as much as possible.
    • There is no risk of the hearing aid falling out and getting lost or damaged.
    • Your hearing is not impacted negatively because your hearing aid is not fitted properly.
  • Not understanding the adjustment period.

Your hearing aid may take upwards of four months to get used to. It’s important to set expectations in the beginning, such as:

    • Just like a new pair of glasses takes time to get used to, your hearing aid might take some adjustment time to acclimate.
    • You may need some tweaks in the beginning to your hearing aid’s fit or functionality. It will be important for you to communicate with your hearing aid provider if assistance is needed.
  • Not communicating with your doctor.

As tip number three implies, communication with your doctor and hearing aid provider is essential to success. Many first-time hearing aid users suffer alone and hide issues from their family and doctors. It is critical that you speak up and advocate on your own behalf. You, after all, are the most intimate with how well your hearing aid is performing.

  • Not getting trained on how the hearing aid works.

Especially if you are new to hearing aids, not getting trained as to the features of your hearing aid and how to use them is a common mistake made by new hearing aid users. Today’s hearing aid technology is powerful and comes with features that can help you experience optimal performance from your device, but getting familiar with how they work takes sometime and training. A quick session from your hearing aid provider should get you up to speed.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of that meeting:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. All questions are important when it comes to your hearing.
  • Take notes so you will remember later.
  • Bring a spouse or family member with you for support.

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