5 Tips for Embracing Your Hearing Technology

At Kenwood Hearing Center, we understand that for hearing aid users, the road to better hearing can sometimes be challenging. We are here to tell you that it is perfectly natural to need an adjustment period with your new hearing aid(s).

Embracing your hearing aid(s) will not only help you hear better, but you will be able to confidently communicate with your friends and loved ones. If you need help during your hearing aid adjustment period, check out these tips below on how to make the most of your hearing aid technology.

“Remember to be patient.”

It’s important to remember, your hearing aid(s) may not sound “normal” at first. For example, your own voice may sound strange, or you may even begin to hear sounds you’ve never heard before. We often ask our patients to document their observations during the adjustment period; this will help us make the necessary changes (if needed) during your follow-up visit(s).

“Steady wins the race.”

Don’t be discouraged if at first you can’t understand things like low voices or even hear a conversation clearly in a noisy environment. Some sounds may seem excessively loud (i.e. car on the street, background noise in a restaurant, etc.). Not to worry, your hearing aid technology can be programmed to filter out most of the unwanted noise. Make sure to discuss this with your hearing care professional.

“Hearing aid adjustments are normal.”

During follow-up appointments, your hearing care professional will often need to make some necessary adjustments to your hearing aid(s) in order to help ensure you’re receiving the maximum benefit for based off your specific hearing loss and lifestyle.

“Explore your hearing aid features”

The hearing aids of today come packed with many different features which allow users to hear in a variety of listening scenarios. Whether it’s streaming audio from your TV, connecting to public hearing loops, interfacing with smart-home technology, or simply making a phone call, it is important to explore all the capabilities of your device(s). And don’t forget to ask your hearing care professional for help along the way.

“Protect your hearing aid(s).”

Yes, hearing aids are powerful devices, but they are not indestructible So it’s important to take care of them; this means cleaning them regularly. Also, make sure to avoid wearing your hearing aid device(s) while sleeping, bathing, or swimming (unless they are waterproof), which can cause damage. Ask your hearing care professional for tips on hearing aid maintenance; this will help you enjoy your hearing technology for years to come.

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