Wireless Hearing Aid Connectivity Products

With today’s technology, hearing aids help improve speech understanding in most situations and environments, but sometimes, hearing aids are simply not enough. At Kenwood Hearing Center, we offer a wide range of wireless accessories to boost your hearing aids performance and keep you connected. These products can improve your listening experiences by providing more convenient operation of your hearing aids, allowing you to seamlessly connect to televisions, telephones, computers, media playing devices, and more. Our certified audiologists will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate hearing aid accessories.

The following hearing aid devices and accessories offer the optimal solutions to suit your everyday needs, including using the phone, watching TV or for improved listening in noisy environments.

“Plug And Play” Bluetooth Hearing Aid Solutions

The Direct Link Streamer

Wireless connectivity has opened up a world of possibilities for people with hearing loss. Our Direct Link system begins with the Streamer. It transmits the sound of your TV, home phone, cell phone, remote microphone, MP3 player or radio directly to your hearing devices. This revolutionary device pairs most of your electronic devices so you hear a rich, high-fidelity sound directly in your hearing devices. Imagine hearing the telephone conversations through both of your hearing instruments! It’s truly amazing.

Direct Link Microphone

Wirelessly connect to your companion.

The Direct Link Microphone is a companion microphone which wirelessly connects to the Streamer and sends your companion’s voice directly into your hearing instruments. Just clip on this discreet microphone and enjoy more clear and private one-touch communication in difficult listening situations such as meetings and restaurants.

Direct Link Phone and TV Adapter

Telephone use is a matter of personal choice. Many people do not want to learn how to use a new phone, but they have difficulties hearing when they use their current phone. The Direct Link phone adapter overcomes this problem by turning any existing landline phone into a Bluetooth phone. It pairs to Streamer at the push of a button and connects automatically whenever the phone is activated. You can use either a cell phone or a landline phone with the same Streamer, and hear clearly with both ears.

Attractive and unobtrusive, this small adapter also connects to the audio output of any TV and runs on its own power supply. You can then enjoy high-quality audio streaming through both of your hearing instruments. You can listen at your own preferred volume level and there is no need for recharging or additional gadgets. The Direct Link adapter pairs to Streamer with the push of a button and then connects automatically whenever the streamer is activated.

If you would like to learn more about the hearing aid devices and accessories available at Kenwood Hearing Center, contact us today.

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