Patient Testimonials

TS: “My hearing aids have made an incredible improvement in my ability to hear clearly what others are saying, as well as ambient sounds. Their unobtrusiveness is an additional benefit”

HF: “My audiologist did an excellent job throughout the appointments in explaining everything. Thank you!”

WK: My audiologist is very good. Experience at Kenwood Hearing Center was very well taken. I am very satisfied with everything”

JD: “My experience was great! So may improvements in different areas. I live a very full life and “happiness” is: living each day confident and carefree and comfortable. Thanks to Kenwood Hearing Cener I am able to enjoy my life to the max! The reason some survey answers are “same” is because my old aids were fit perfectly about 4 years ago. I am very satisfied and happy!”

MS: “I am very happy with these hearing aids. Sarah is very knowledgeable and has met my needs. All the girls are very pleasant and have been since I’ve been coming starting in the 80′s. Thank you and take care.”

KG: “My experience with Kenwood Hearing Center and especially Diann far exceeded my expectations. The truly cared about me and my ability to hear as best as possible. My daughter was also very impressed and will contact Kenwood Hearing Center immediately if and when her hearing begins to fail. Thank you so very much.”

DW: “To say that I strongly agree with the statements about the audiologist is an understatement. I’ve seldom been so impressed with anybody’s competence or kindness. My hearing aids have helped, but have not completely solved my hearing problem.”

VD: “Best aids I have ever had.”

JG: ” I am so happy with my new aids. The staff were wonderful to me. I feel I get excellent care in the evaluation of my hearing loss and the purchase of the aids. Thank you so much.”

RK: “A wonderful experience for my father.”

AB: “My experience at Kenwood Hearing Center was excellent. The audiologist that took care of me was especially nice.”

PP: “Sarah made me feel very comfortable with the idea of needing aids. Between Sarah and my wife I made the decision to commit to hearing aids. Thank you Sarah, for your patience, personable, and professionalism”

IN: “This hearing aid is perfect for my mom. She can hear great with it. I appreciate all of Diann’s help.”

EB: “I like the simplicity of the office waiting room and service room. No ostentation, just simple comfort.”

KC: “My audiologist was excellent at all times. She accommodated me in any way she could. I appreciate it very much.”

OS: “The audiologists’ patience and personality and willingness to listen to problems is a great asset to Kenwood Hearing Center.”

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The purpose of this hearing assessment and/or demonstration is for hearing wellness to determine if the client(s) may benefit from using hearing aids. Products demonstrated may differ from products sold. Test conclusion may not be a medical diagnosis. The use of any hearing aid may not fully restore normal hearing and does not prevent future hearing loss. Testing is to evaluate your hearing wellness, which may include selling and fitting hearing aids. Hearing instruments may not meet the needs of all hearing-impaired individuals. One offer per customer. Insurance benefit, including Managed Care or federal reimbursements, cannot be combined with any of our promotional offers, coupons or discounts. Other terms may apply. See office for details.