FREE Hearing Loss Prevention Checklist

Kenwood Hearing Center is here for you for all aspects of your hearing health. We don’t only focus on hearing loss assessments, we also work with you to help you prevent hearing loss. Once hearing damage occurs, it cannot be recovered. Here is our free hearing loss prevention checklist.

  • Wear hearing protection when you are exposed to loud noises. If you are exposed to loud noises at your job, then they should be providing you with the proper protection that is mandated by law. However, you should also wear hearing protection outside of work when you are exposed to loud noises. This can include using power tools, mowing the lawn, etc.
  • Listening to music is another type of loud noise that can cause hearing loss. If you go to music events, you should wear hearing protection. A rock concert might come to mind, but this includes any music event, even an orchestra or classical music concert. Another way that music can hurt your hearing is by listening to it through headphones or earbuds too loudly. Be sure to not keep the volume down and don’t listen to music in your ears for longer than an hour at a time.
  • When you do listen to loud noise, such as a concert or even at a nightclub, allow your ears time to recover. Experts suggest about 18 hours of quiet.
  • Don’t use cotton swabs (like Q-tips) to clean your ears. You actually should not need to remove earwax from your ears and using something like a cotton swab can damage your hearing permanently.
  • If you are prone to ear infections you will want to keep your ears dry, especially during swimming and showering. We can recommend ear plugs that will protect your ears from getting wet.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some health ailments can lead to hearing loss. Leading a healthy, active lifestyle can lead to optimum hearing health.
  • Come in for regular hearing assessments as recommended by our hearing professionals.

For more information on this subject, please read about Hearing Protection.

Kenwood Hearing Center is Here to Protect Your Ears from Hearing Loss

If you still have any questions about hearing loss or hearing loss prevention, please contact us  at Kenwood Hearing Center to schedule a free hearing assessment  with one of our hearing professionals today. We are here for you, not just to assess if you have hearing loss, but to help you prevent it as well.

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