Hearing Aid Accessories

Your hearing aid purchase is a significant investment, and once you have chosen the right hearing aid instrument(s), it’s time to choose the best accessories to compliment and help maintain them. At Kenwood Hearing Center, we offer an assortment of hearing aid accessories including wireless & Bluetooth technology, hearing aid batteries, hearing aid cleaning tools, as well as other optional add-on products that work hand-in-hand with your hearing aids to help you hear more effectively in certain listening situations.

Types of Hearing Aid Accessories

From nightly cleanings to clear conversations to seamless connections, hearing aid accessories will definitely improve your hearing aid experience.

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are helpful in situations where the speaker is far away, poor acoustics make hearing difficult or there is excessive background noise. These devices wirelessly transmit sound from the source to a receiver worn near the ear. There are three types of ALDs available: FM systems, infrared systems and audio loop systems.

Bluetooth and other wireless hearing aid accessories allow users to connect to many electronic devices using Bluetooth technology. You can use these accessories to stream sound from your TV, computer, tablet, cell phone, in-car entertainment system, MP3 player and more directly to your hearing aids for clear, convenient listening. Wireless technology also allows for remote controlling of your hearing aids using a handheld device or an app on your smartphone.

Portable microphones can be attached to your companion’s clothing to aid in conversations when there is excess background noise. These tiny microphones are about the size of a pen, and they wirelessly transmit sound directly to your hearing aid to improve the clarity and quality of the speaker’s voice.

Cleaning tools and kits are the best way to effectively clean your devices daily. They allow you to gently and thoroughly clean your hearing aids inside and out, preventing damage, cleaning hard-to-reach areas and keeping your instruments working great.

Hearing aid dehumidifiers and dryers help remove built-up earwax and excess moisture from your devices overnight. Dehumidifying your hearing aids each night will help them work better, last longer, require fewer repairs and need less thorough daily cleanings.

Wax filters and guards prevent your naturally occurring earwax from building up, which can break or clog the important internal components of your hearing aids. These tiny accessories will need to be replaced every so often in order to effectively stop wax from getting into the internal sections of your devices.

NOTE: Some accessories needed to maintain your hearing aids may be provided by your hearing care provider as part of your hearing aid purchase. Others you may need to purchase separately.

Get the most from your hearing aids with the right accessories.

Hearing aid accessories can give you simple yet effective hearing aid solutions, so contact us today to learn more about the hearing aid accessories available at Kenwood Hearing Center. Depending on your listening needs, your hearing care provider will explain which accessories you may find helpful.

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