Hearing Loss Diagnosis & Treatment

Learn about what to expect when you schedule an appointment to come in to our clinic for a hearing assessment. We are here to help you every step of the way and ensure that your experience with us is a smooth and stress free process. If you are diagnosed with hearing loss what is the process for diagnosis and treatment options? Read on to hear more.

Hearing Assessment

Hearing assessments should be performed by an audiologist or hearing care professional regularly after about 45 years old whether you feel like you are experiencing hearing loss or not. The hearing assessment that we perform in our office is more comprehensive than the type of hearing test done in a general practitioner doctor’s office and can detect different types of hearing loss. A hearing assessment begins with a questionnaire about your medical history and an examination of your outer ears. There is nothing invasive or painful about a hearing assessment. The last step is the actual hearing assessment. Which specific assessments are conducted depends on your unique situation. For more details see our Hearing Assessment information page.

Hearing Loss: Accepting the Diagnosis

If your hearing assessment shows that you have hearing loss, our audiologists will explain the details to you in full. Don’t worry, we will walk you through every step of the way in explaining your hearing loss and recommending a treatment plan. There are many misconceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids, so read up on them with our Myths vs. Facts about Hearing Loss. Hearing loss is very common, so don’t ever think that you are alone. We are here to help you hear better, but also to help you and your family and friends get adjusted to this new diagnosis.

Assessing Your Options and Treatment Plan

Once coming up with a diagnosis it is important to know that most hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids. We will discuss all of your treatment options with you. If hearing aids are what will help you hear again, we will show you all of the different hearing aid options available for you. Once you select the hearing aids, we will schedule your next appointment to come in to be fitted with them. Read more about this process and what to expect during your hearing aid fitting.

Kenwood Hearing Center is Here to Help You through All Aspects of Hearing Loss

If you have any questions about hearing loss or hearing loss prevention, please contact us  at Kenwood Hearing Center to schedule a hearing assessment  with one of our hearing professionals today. We are here for you, to help with all aspects of your hearing health.

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