Can Meditation Help with Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition where there is a perception of sound that is not coming from outside the body. It is a “phantom” auditory perception of noise generated in the auditory pathways that is often referred to as a “ringing in the ears.” There is no cure; however, at Kenwood Hearing Center, we offer different tinnitus treatments. But did you know that alternative options like meditation may also help people who are dealing with tinnitus?

How Meditation Works

Meditation is something that you have to learn how to do. Even for people who don’t have tinnitus, it is a process of learning to quiet your mind and relax. Those who are successful at meditation report that it helps them both mentally and physically. For tinnitus sufferers, some find it hard to meditate with the “white noise” always going on in the background. Others though say it has made marked improvements in helping them to quiet the noise that only they can hear.

Want to see if meditation can help you deal with your tinnitus? Here are some tips for helping you get started:

  1. Try guided meditation. Not only does the additional sound help with the noise, but it gives you a source to focus on for direction to learn how to meditate. Guided meditation tracks are available for free through smartphone applications, digital assistants (like Google Home) online videos, television shows OnDemand, as well as programs you can purchase.
  2. Listen to ambient sounds. Once you learn how to meditate, you can listen to ambient, relaxing sounds that help you stay focused on your meditation. Try different sounds or music to see what works best for you.
  3. Take a class. In some areas, meditation experts can teach you how to meditate. If the self guided method isn’t working for you, then try to seek out an expert.
  4. Go on a retreat. A meditation retreat can be a relaxing vacation even if it’s a quick getaway. A situation like this can help you focus on learning to meditate without the normal distractions of everyday life.

Can meditation help with tinnitus? The answer is “it depends”. In many cases meditation can help with tinnitus. Meditation is a very personal experience and journey into your own mind. There are many ways to accomplish meditation, so you have to try a few different methods to find the one that is right for you.

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