Changing Society’s Attitude Towards Hearing Aids

One of the most puzzling phenomenons in our industry is the stigma long associated with hearing aids. For so long, many people with hearing loss resisted treatment and have suffered silently (quite literally) rather than seeking the assistance of health care professionals and hearing aids. Luckily, recent innovations, increased education, and changing attitudes among the prevalence of hearing loss have all helped to begin changing society’s attitude towards hearing aids.

Hearing Loss Statistics

Hearing loss is a very common ailment among people. Over 460 million people worldwide are facing hearing loss. In fac, it is the 3rd most common health ailment among Americans behind arthritis and heart disease. About 1 in 10 Americans have some form of hearing loss, so chances are you know someone who is dealing with it on a regular basis. Surprisingly, only about a quarter of those who have hearing loss seek treatment. This points to a long-lived stigma about wearing hearing aids that has existed for a long time. Some of the reasons why that stigma existed are fading away though.

Fading Stigmas about Hearing Aids

Hearing aids of old gave the industry a bad wrap; but things are finally beginning to change for the positive. Hearing is such a vital part of your life and you miss out on so much without it, why wouldn’t you want to seek out help and wear hearing aids if it means gaining that part of your life back? In the past some of the negative societal aspects of hearing aids included;

  • Hearing aids have always been associated with older people. However, hearing loss is a growing trend and does not only affect seniors.
  • Hearing loss was once considered a disability. This might have been misconstrued because of how untreated or misdiagnosed hearing loss in children can cause difficulties in learning.
  • Many people feel embarrassed about wearing hearing aids. However new innovations in hearing aids have done away with the whistling feedback sounds that were once common and newer hearing aids are smaller and smarter.
  • The prevalence of hearing loss has made hearing aids more common and that, by nature is making the stigma fade.

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