Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Hearing Aids If You Have Hearing Loss

It is already October and Halloween is coming up! Even though it’s a “spooky” time of year, we wanted to talk to you about why you shouldn’t be “afraid” to wear hearing aids.

Here are 4 reasons who you should not be “afraid” to wear hearing aids if you have hearing loss:

1: Hearing aid technology has improved drastically.

Similar to computers and smartphones, there have been many advancements in hearing aid technology. Hearing aids now contain a wide variety of features to help you hear better, and many models can even connect to other devices such as your mobile phone or TV, seamlessly providing you (the hearing aid user) with sound directly to your ears. On top of that, the hearing aids of today have become more discreet and are barely even visible to others.

PRO TIP: Make sure to discuss your needs with your hearing care professional, so that you can select the right hearing aid device for you.

2: Hearing aids are for people of all ages.

Most people are hesitant of buying hearing aids because they associate them with aging. While age-related hearing loss accounts for many cases of hearing loss, people of all ages have hearing loss.

Did you know 15% of American adults have hearing loss? And 2 to 3 out of every 1,000 children born in the U.S. are born with detectable hearing loss. 

3: Your favorite celebrities even wear hearing aids.

Many celebrities actually wear hearing aids these days, especially musicians. Musicians are especially likely to need hearing aids because they are 4 times as likely to acquire hearing loss than non-musicians. Learn more about noise-induced hearing loss and hearing loss prevention.

4: There are many benefits to wearing hearing aids.

There are many benefits to wearing hearing aids if you have hearing loss and/or tinnitus; they can help you:

  • have a better relationship with your family
  • improve your physical well being
  • to concentrate better
  • feel more independent and secure
  • feel less tired or fatigue
  • be able to participate more in social gatherings
  • be able to do better in your job thus increasing your earning potential

We hope this helps you overcome your “fear” of hearing aids and hope you enjoy your Halloween! 

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