Dos and Don’ts with Your Hearing Aids During Halloween

Never fear! Just because you have hearing loss doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fun holidays like Halloween. It is a great time of the year for kids and adults to enjoy dressing up and having treats. Just when you might get scared about participating in the festivities, Kenwood Hearing Center is here to help you learn the dos and don’ts for your hearing aids during Halloween.

  • Don’t: Let your ears get cold! While you don’t want to cover your ears and make it harder to hear, you also don’t want to let your ears get to cold. If it is cold in your area and you are out trick or treating, the cold can reduce the blood flow to the ears and cause problems with hearing or risk of infection.
  • Do: Check your hearing aids and batteries before going out to celebrate. Make sure your hearing aids are working properly before leaving your house and consider carrying an extra pair of batteries if you are going to be out past the witching hour!
  • Don’t: choose a costume with a mask that might cover your hearing aids. This might make it harder to hear.
  • Do: adjust your hearing aid settings if you are going to be at a loud party. Try to find out ahead of time if the noise level will be high at the Halloween party you are attending. Communicate with your host ahead of time and ask for seating away from the speakers.
  • Don’t let your hearing aids get wet. If you are out trick or treating and it starts to rain, be sure to remove your hearing aids and put them in the case.
  • Do: bring your hearing aid case with you. It is always good to have your hearing aid case with you. Since you might be wearing a different type of clothes or carry a different purse on Halloween, still make plans to bring your case to keep your hearing aids safe in the event you need to take them out.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treaters

Don’t let Halloween be spooky for your children with hearing loss. Kids can still enjoy Halloween without any fear for them or for you. Here are a few tips for trick or treaters:

  • Make sure that they trick or treat in a group.
  • Put on reflective tape, glow stick jewelry, or have them carry a flashlight,
  • Stay close behind and have them trick or treat with a group of friends.
  • Go over the rules and your path ahead of time.

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