Have You Heard the OPN?

We have been fitting the Oticon OPN hearing devices for nearly a year and have had extremely positive feedback from our patients.

The Oticon OPN aids allow you to hear what your want to hear, even in the most complex listening environments. The groundbreaking technology in the OPN processes sounds 50 times faster, giving your brain total access o the sounds around you. Because it works in harmony with your brain, it puts you, not your hearing aid, in charge of which sounds you focus on. The result is you understand speech better, with less effort.

The OPN exclusive technology helps you:

  • Focus on the sounds you want to hear
  • understand speech with less effort
  • enjoy a fuller and more natural soundscape
  • shift your attention from one sound to another

The OPN not only processes sounds exceptionally fast, it scans the environment 100 times per second to give you access to 360 degrees of sound,. It distinguishes between speech and background noise, enable you to identify where different sounds are coming from, and continually adjusts and balances all sounds around you. This helps your brain make sense of sound and gives you a natural hearing experience.

Hear better with less effort, and remember more with this amazing new technology. with the new OPN you will enjoy 30% better speech understanding, which will reduce your listening effort by 20% and your will remember 20% more of your conversations.

Recent studies show that following conversation in noisy situations is the number one challenge for people with hearing loss. The OPN solves this problem by working in harmony with your brain to improve your ability to understand speech better and focus on what’s important even in complex listening environments.

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