Hear More Out of Life – Use TWO Ears

Have you ever wondered why God gave us two ears and put them on the side of our heads? It was for more than a place to hang our eye glasses. many times we have patients ask us if they really need to wear two hearing aids.

There are many advantages of binaural hearing, or hearing with two ears. Conversations are easier to follow and more relaxing when you wear two hearing instruments. you don’t need to turn your head or ask people to speak into your good ear, or or the ear with the hearing aid in it. This allows you to see facial expressions and lip read certain sounds, making it easier to understand what is beings said.

Listening with two ears also gives us improved sound localization. Because sounds arrive at each of our ears at slightly different times and at slightly different intensities, we can easily locate where the sound is coming from. Imagine standing on a busy street when you hear a car horn honk. With just one ear working, you would not know where the sound is coming from and this could prove to be very dangerous.

We hear better in noisy situations with binaural hearing. Speech is clearer and is more balanced and has a more natural quality when listening with two ears.  You can also hear soft speech and whispers easier and your ability to distinguish speech from background noise also improves.

If you are currently using just one ear, come to into Kenwood Hearing Center and discover the advantages of a binaural fitting for yourself.  At Kenwood Hearing Center, we have a 75 day trial period for you to evaluate the benefits of binaural hearing in our may nd varied environments.

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