Hearing Loss Help for Family Dinners and Get Togethers

The holidays are coming and if that causes trepidation instead of joy because of your hearing loss, we have some solutions to help you through it. No doubt, there will be an increase in family dinners and gatherings over the next couple months. Don’t shy away from events with family and friends because of your hearing loss, instead we have help for your family dinners and get togethers.

Especially if your family is a large one, it can be difficult to hear everything happening at family dinners and get togethers. The first step is to let all your family know if you are having trouble hearing. Let them know what works best for you and share these 7 tips to help you hear best with them:

  1. Reduce background noise like the TV or music.
  2. Turn the lights up to help you see and focus on who is talking. This especially helps if you are lip reading too.
  3. Choose to sit in a place where your hearing is optimal. Sit away from any source of noise and where there is no echo.
  4. Don’t be afraid to move or ask to switch seats if you find you are sitting somewhere that you can’t hear well.
  5. Take a “hearing break” every hour or so. Going outside or in a quiet room for a few minutes can help to kind of reset your ears.
  6. Get involved in the family activities, set up a craft or activity to do with the kids where you control the volume, ask to give a toast at dinner, and be engaged and involved as much as possible.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask others to repeat something you didn’t hear and communicate how you can hear them best.

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