Helpful Apps for Hearing Loss

New applications are coming out all the time that are designed to help us in all areas of life. Apps that help with hearing loss are no exception to that rule. There are all kinds of apps that can help with everything from detecting hearing loss, to amplifying sounds, and helping those with hearing loss communicate. Here are 10 apps that you might find helpful if you are dealing with hearing loss.

  1. TooLoud?: This app helps you detect if the sounds in your environment become too loud and are dangerous for your ears. This is a free app.
  2. Hearing Loss Simulator: Do you ever feel like your family and friends just don’t understand what it is like to have hearing loss? This Hearing Loss Simulator app helps simulate for others what it is like to have hearing loss. Finally, they can understand what it’s like for you to go through life with hearing loss. This app costs $1.99.
  3. SoundAmp R: With this app, your mobile device can amplify sound and speech. This is great for certain situations or if your hearing aid batteries die and you are waiting for new ones. This app costs $4.99.
  4. AUD-1: This app turns your phone and earphones into a hearing aid. It includes dual algorithm technology that allows you to adjust for each ear independently. It costs $6.99.
  5. TV Louder: This iPhone app allows users to use the iPhone microphone to listen to TV sounds. It enhances and amplifies sounds and plays them back loudly through the headphones or earbuds.
  6. Clear Captions: This is a closed captioning app that translates all of your phone calls into text on your screen. The difference with this app is that it can be hooked up with any phone, so you can connect it to your work phone or home phone in addition to your smartphone. This app is free.
  7. Captionfish: f you loves movies, then you will love this app. If your TV or movie theater doesn’t have closed captioning or subtitles available, you can pull them up on this app. This app is free.
  8. Purple Communications VRS: This innovative app allows individuals or are hard-of-hearing or deaf make phone calls with American Sign Language. It works with video-enabled phones, you sign to an interpreter who speaks for you and translates the answers back into sign. This app is free for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals.
  9. MobileSign: This app helps you learn British Sign Language. It has a library of more than 4,000 signs stored so that you can easily and access and communicate with others who know British Sign Language.
  10. TapTap: This innovative app alerts you to noises in your immediate area by flashing the screen. One example of how this works is if you are in your office and the phone rings, it will alert you so that you know to answer the phone. This app is $2.99.

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