Holiday Gift Ideas: Products for Loved Ones with Hearing Loss

The holidays are a perfect time to gift your loved ones with hearing loss with products that can help them hear better or adjust to being hard of hearing. New inventions are coming out all the time that make life with hearing loss a little easier. Here are 10 products you can gift your loved ones with hearing loss this holiday season.

  1. Alternative Alarm Clocks for Hearing Loss: There are different types of alarm clocks that will help people who are hard of hearing wake up. Waking up is a common problem since most alarm clocks traditionally are sound related. However, newer alternative alarm clocks are now available. The alternative features include vibrations or bright light.
  2. Hearables: The hearables market is growing fast. Among hearable technology include products like TV listening devices, earbuds, headphones, and other portable electronic products that help enhance hearing.
  3. Telephones for Hearing Loss: There are different types of phones available for people who are hard of hearing. Some phones have amplified sounds and others are captioned telephones.
  4. Hearing Aid Charms: For younger hearing aid wearers, there are fashionable accessories like charms that hang down from the hearing aid or stickers. Also hearing aids for kids, tweens, and teens (and maybe some adults) are available in bright, funky colors and designs.
  5. Hearing Loss Jewelry: For something unique and different for the lady or girl in your life that likes jewelry, you can get her something to celebrate hearing loss or at least communicate it to others in a decorative way. There are necklaces and pins that say “hard of hearing” or “I read lips”, etc.
  6. Digital Doorbells: Doorbells are another area in life where traditionally you need to hear someone knock or ring your doorbell. Technology has come to the rescue for those who are hard of hearing. Even though they weren’t created specifically for those who are hard of hearing, digital doorbells will send a notification to your phone, which you can have set to buzz or light up to alert you that someone is at the door. Some models even go a step further and offer video chat, allowing the person who is hard of hearing can read lips or sign with the person at the door.
  7. Gift Card to a Movie Theater with Captioning or Hearing Assistance Devices: Give the gift of movies. The movies can be a fun outing again even for those with hearing loss because so many theaters now offer captioning or hearing assistance devices.
  8. American Girl Doll with Hearing Aids: Little girls can often relate to their dolls. The American Girl Doll series now has the option to add hearing aids as an accessory to that special doll for a special little girl.
  9. Donate to a Hearing Loss Related Charity: The holidays are a time of giving and your loved one with hearing loss will be touched to find that you have made a donation to a hearing loss related charity in their name.
  10. Gift Card to their Audiologist: For many people who suffer from hearing loss, hearing aids and regular maintenance at their audiologist can become quite expensive. If this is the case for your loved when, then they might really appreciate a gift card to help share the expenses for their audiology visits or hearing aids.

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