How Hearing Aids Improve Speech & Memory

Did you know that every function of the human body is interconnected? This includes our hearing. Research has shown that living with untreated hearing loss can result in cognitive decline and can negatively affect memory as well as the ability to process speech.

It may be a surprise to you, but according to the National Institutes of Health, more the 28 million people in the U.S. live with some form of untreated hearing loss. 

Fortunately, the brain is remarkably resilient. Two recent studies (University of Maryland Research / University of Texas Research) demonstrated that wearing hearing aids can improve brain function, and even reverse cognitive decline among older adults with hearing loss. Hearing aids can also facilitate brain rehabilitation, and that should prompt you to contact a hearing care professional if you or a loved one suspects you may have hearing loss.

Side effects of untreated hearing loss as it pertains to impaired cognitive functions include:

  • Difficulty learning new tasks
  • Memory problems
  • Trouble focusing
  • Other side effects of untreated hearing loss that have been linked to a loss of cognitive function include chronic stress and social isolation.

The Stigma of Wearing Hearing Aids

There are many common excuses people give for failing to address their hearing health problems. Being “embarrassed” to have to wear hearing aids is the most popular excuse we hear. It’s our hope that this informational article can convince more people to take care of their hearing, and in turn, their mind.

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