Most Common Questions Asked About Hearing Aids

Want to learn more about hearing aids? Check out the following frequently asked questions about hearing aids.

“How long will my hearing aid last?”

The average life expectancy of a hearing aid is approximately 3 – 5 years – although this depends on how well you take care of your hearing aid instrument.

“Should I sleep while I’m wearing my hearing aids?”

The “rule of thumb” is that you should wear your hearing aid when you are awake. You should remove your hearing aids when you are going to sleep..

“Where should I store my hearing aids when they are not in my ears?”

We recommend that you store your hearing aid(s) in the provided case or another hard-shell case that closes to ensure they are protected and easy to find.

“Can I wear my hearing aids when I take a shower or when I swim?”

Even though there are water-proof hearing aids available on the market, we always recommend you remove your hearing aids “when water is involved.”

“How do I clean my hearing aid?”

You can use a simple cloth or tissue to wipe down your hearing aids. In most cases, you are provided with a brush that can be used to help remove more stubborn or stuck debris if necessary. Learn more about hearing aid maintenance.

“How often should I clean my hearing aids?”

As with most things, the more often you clean and maintain your device the better off you’ll be. Wiping your hearing aid down once a day is generally a good practice.

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