Summertime Means Noise Time

For most of us, summertime means noisy parties or receptions, concerts and of course outdoor work. Whether you are going to an outdoor rock concert, a boisterous party or cutting the grass, you are putting your ears at risk. Exposing yourself to sounds over 100 decibels for just one hour can cause lasting damage.

At Kenwood Hearing Center, we recommend you take precautions to make certain that you don’t damage your ears so that you are able to enjoy good hearing for a lifetime.

Custom hearing protection is more affordable and effective than ever. custom ear plugs actually help filter out the frequencies that contribute to noise-induced hearing loss while still allowing you to hear conversation and music at a comfortable level.


  • use ear plugs or other hearing protectors.
  • alternate noisy activities with periods of quiet.
  • limit time of loud noise exposure.
  • look for lawn equipment with low noise levels.

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