Wearing Hearing Aids on a Windy Day: What You Should Know

Although the hearing aids of today often have noise reduction features that help eliminate unwanted noises, if you are a hearing aid user, windy days can sometimes be a problem. Even the most expensive and advanced hearing aid devices are susceptible to unwanted feedback and noise that can be caused by a strong breeze. Since wind and the direction its blowing are often unpredictable, it has been challenging for hearing aid manufacturers to create and design the perfect hearing aid that eliminates excessive wind noise “entirely.”

What is “Wind Noise?”

One of the most common issues that hearing aid users have, is “wind noise.” The term “wind noise” (as it relates to hearing aids) is when wind causes the hearing aid microphone to physically vibrate, resulting in that unwanted “whooshing” noise – just like when someone blows into a microphone.

What Can You Do

Many hearing aid users often turn their hearing aids off during windy days; this is never a good solution. Fortunately, there are in fact a few things hearing aid users can do to reduce and possibly counter the effects of “wind noise.” As we mentioned before, some hearing aids contain unique features and / or programming capabilities for windy weather which help reduce “wind noise” while maintaining volume and clarity of speech. Other solutions may include reprogramming your hearing aid, a hearing aid upgrade, simply adjusting the microphone strategically to avoid external noise or even wearing a hat. With that said, we always recommend that you discuss any issues related to your hearing aid with your hearing care professional; they can help you decide on the best course of action.

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