When Should You Start Having Hearing Assessments?

Hearing loss is something that commonly happens as we age. It is a condition that often goes untreated since it happens gradually, many people who have hearing loss don’t realize it. That is why hearing assessments are so important. The question is, “when should you start having hearing assessments?” Read on to find the answer.

What is a Hearing Assessment?

Perhaps first, before we explain when you should have a hearing assessment, we should explain what one is. When you visit the audiologist, the hearing assessment we perform is more in depth than the screening, which is normally done at your primary doctor’s office. An audiology hearing assessment helps detect a broader spectrum of hearing loss issues.

When You Should Visit a Hearing Care Professional

As children, hearing screening are usually performed during annual physicals. These types of screenings should continue at least once every 10 years until you reach 50 years old. Once you reach 50, then you should have your hearing checked every three years. This helps develop a baseline for your hearing so that even the slightest decline can be detected. Here are a few other reasons you should see an audiologist:

  • It becomes hard to understand conversations in noisy environments.
  • If you need to keep asking people to repeat what they said.
  • When you raise the volume on the television or radio louder than your family or friends do.
  • Impacted or excessive wax is becoming painful.
  • You experience sudden hearing loss.
  • You hearing a ringing in your ears, called tinnitus.
  • If you experience any balance issues or disorders, such as vertigo.

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